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  • Vintage Cookbook Trader Vics Book of Food & Drink 1946
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  • Vintage Cookbook Trader Vics Book of Food & Drink A Feast in Tahiti
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"...rum...I like its history too. No other liquor has played such a terrific yet romantic role in history. From gutters and bloody decks it has risen to the ranks of respectability. Once the favorite libation of pirates, sailors, massacring Indians, beachcombers, and loose women, it has become the favorite portion of million of civilized people." Pg. 16

"Pursuing my interest in the South Seas, I've discovered that those gentle natives, the Polynesians, know how to have fun in simple, unaffected ways. The beauty of their surroundings, the ease with which they acquire food and clothing are not for us who have built up a complicated, war-torn civilization which is a far cry from island ways. But some of those ways can be injected into our own lives, to help us relax and have fun." Pg. 17

This vintage cookbook and cocktail guide is as fun to read as it is to cook and mix drinks from. Trader Vic writes a short introduction to most recipes and fills pages between recipes with stories of his life, the islands and general useful knowledge. It is separated into 3 sections, About Booze, About Parties and About Food in General with a colorful depiction of Polynesian life at the start of each section.


Published: 1946

Pages: 272

Condition:  Vintage, very good to excellent without stains or tears, very minimal to no wear on the spine or cover. Contains a nameplate on the inside front page from a previous owner, a few places throughout the book that have been underlined or comments written in margins with light red pencil and "mint leaves recipes 66" written in pencil on the inside back page.