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Aprons have been used throughout modern history to protect clothes.  In the past 100 years that have been made in many styles to fit purpose and tastes, from plain white butchers aprons, chef’s bib aprons, masculine grill and bbq aprons to half aprons with delicate lace or colorful prints for the housewife of the 1950s and finally little girl pinafores with decorative shoulder ruffles. 

Domestic goddesses of today collect vintage aprons to suit her mood or outfit, the season, holiday or specific meal.  Find a vintage apron below to suit your mood.  

Vintage aprons make wonderful hostess and house warming gifts, especially to those people who love to cook.

   1950s kitchen with Grandma washing dishes in apron  1960s Family with the mom wearing a half apron  Grandma opening presents wearing a full apron during the holidays

"Winter is already a lost shape, forgotten in the ground.  Instead, here is Spring with all the grace of a woman smoothing out her apron."

 -- Cecilia Llompart, The Wingless