Vintage linens are lovely! Vintage linens include aprons, napkins, tablecloths, kitchen towels, doilies, runners, place mats, hot pads, oven mits, cloth coasters, and cloth kitchen appliance covers. Some are handmade, crocheted or embroidered. Fun retro designs and fabrics include linen, gingham, stripes, polka dots, plaid and tartan. Details can include eyelets and rickrack ribbon.

If you use cloth napkins daily or only for entertaining, you will be sure to find something you love below.  Vintage linens are sure to help add some beauty to each meal.

Vintage yellow plaid, tartan, gingham and floral napkins

 What the Well-Dressed Table Wears 

(excerpted from When You Entertain, What to Do, and How by Ida Bailey Allen, 1932, p.14)

When you plan to entertain, your first concern is, naturally, the matter of table linens.  For the formal dinner or luncheon, damask in white or pastel shades, or an Italian or Spanish filet cloth is suitable.  This cloth should cover the table.  For less formal occasions, whether breakfast, luncheon or dinner, runners or doilies and a matching centerpiece are charming.  Rectangular shaped doilies are newest in style.

For cottage or bungalow, or for bridge tables, Russian linen is attractive.  It comes in deep warm shades with insets of contrasting color, or with coarse embroidery in geometric designs.  

Colored lines, checked gingham or organdie, hemmed or embroidered by the hostes herself, sets the color note for many an informal meal.  Flowered tablecloths, put away in chests as too old-fashioned, are revived when fashion gets a whim for Early American or Victorian touches.